a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Maybe My Blog Should Be Like This

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Maybe My Blog Should Be Like This

SUMMARY: A funny web site, mostly entirely not about dogs.
This is not what I was going to blog about. I was going to talk about buttons with pictures of border collies. Instead, I have been spending way too much time this weekend reading  27b/6.

In particular, because there is sort of a dog involved, this one had me laughing so hard that not only Boost, but also Tika, came over to check and see whether they should go find Timmy to save me from falling down a well. And Tika's pretty easy-going about the noises I make when sitting at my computer, except for the occasion when I shove the chair back from the screen and say in a frustrated and perhaps angry tone, "HellOOOooo?!", in which case she'll jump up and bark at the front door just in case.

Anyway, this is the particular post. It's really about rules for the sake of rules, and bears. But it is peripherally about dogs.

If you read enough of his posts, you'll see that half the time he makes stuff up. But he usually does it while carrying on email conversations with people who annoy him in one way or another. He says all the things that you wish that you could say, and somehow through being annoying and inventive and ridiculous, he usually gets somewhere.  He also post about his friends and coworkers with their knowledge--or not--  Warning: Some of his posts are a bit coarse, and might make people uncomfortable. Here are some others of his that had me gasping for breath and I think are not in the particularly coarse set except maybe the last one:

Or you can read about the author and his web site on Wikipedia. My recommendation is to not get started, because if you like his stuff, you will be there for hours. Instead, go take a hike with your dogs, which was the other thing i was supposed to do this morning and didn't.


  1. Y'know... that "bear" looks remarkably like Tika wearing a faux fur throw.

  2. I told tika, while i was reading that and cracking up and she was nuzzling at me, that she doesn't appreciate how nice I am to her.

  3. Thanks. I *totally* needed another online addiction...

  4. Can't say I didn't warn you. :-)

  5. omg. Can't stop laughing. And I only read the one!...