a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: I'm Givin'em Back

Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm Givin'em Back

SUMMARY: Top Ten Updated
I updated the Tika Top Ten link (above) because (a) I suspect that, with the USDAA nationals around the corner, updating their site isn't going to be a top priority for a little while, and (b) I sent them email to let them know that there were a couple of errors in their database wherein they gave me 2 more Snooker and 1 more Gamblers point than I should have had.

I said, "You probably don't get many people telling you that you've given them too MANY Top Ten points." They said, "Nope, not many!" I gave them the specific runs in error and it's now fixed. Remember, kids, honesty is the best policy! (I'd feel quite uncomfortable if it had ended up that those points made the difference between Top Ten and not at the end of the year. Wouldn't have enjoyed the results nearly as much. Better to clean them up early and live with it. Of course, that's easy to say when I'm already fairly solidly in the Top Ten--but I've sent them corrections before, too.)

We have another USDAA trial this weekend, out in Dixon, so we'll hope Tika stays nonsore and everyone stays happy and healthy and eager to run.


  1. Hey, good for you. Somehow I'm not surprised that you would do this :)

    I had a case once this summer with a Jumpers run (the one event we're in Top Dogs) when Walter went between the tire and its frame (due to my bumbling he didn't see the tire; he tried to save it but it was too late). In watching the video back after the run, it looked to me like the judge hadn't seen it, hadn't called it. I felt lousy, didn't want a "dirty Q" as we call them around here... So I went and checked at the score table to see what needed to be done, and what do you know but we had E'd! Watched the run back again and only then realized I had completely forgot a whole loop of the course at the end. WOOPS :)

    Anyway, all that to say I hear you.

  2. Several years back I had a beautiful leg in our DAM team Standard run, and I thought we had done really well until my teammates pointed out that I had left out an entire loop. Funny thing was that I could REMEMBER running the loop, and argued with them about it; I had walked it so much and envisioned it so carefully to be sure I didn't E, that I actually remembered it as if I HAD run it. For some reason the judge didn't blow the whistle (maybe too many rings going on) but it was definitely an E on the scribe sheet. Funny what we do out there sometimes!