a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Give Me a Head with Hair

Friday, October 29, 2010

Give Me a Head with Hair

SUMMARY: Human Mom went to the groomer's.
After 25 years with essentially the same hairstyle--for example--1998:

or 1990 (I'm the one without the sunglasses):

I decided I'd try growing it out again the way I had it for most of those previous 25 years--for example, 1974 (no bangs, just hanging down as long as it ever got)--

Buuuuuut now, after a bit over 3 months, I decided that was a bad idea. So here I was this morning (ewww, weird expression, sorry--hair just kind of hanging there, in the way):

And here I am, back from the groomer:
I think I'll stay this way for a while.


  1. Very nice, I like what they did. Hey, what kind of trophy are you and Tim holding? And man oh man, is that ever one very mini dress!!

  2. We're holding the Lion's Club annual tropy. They have a speech contest every year at every club for high school students, and this one club engraves the club winner's name on the trophy. And I think I won one year and he won the next year or something like that. Skirt--nahhh, that's what all the girls were wearing! (Just check the yearbook!)

  3. I wonder whether I still have that dress? I know I kept some of my high school clothes that were in perfectly good condition when I went off to college and mostly stopped wearing anything but jeans-- ...ok, dangit, now I've spent 20 minutes looking for that photo of me and my old miniskirt, because I remember uploading it and getting comments on it. But where did I upload it *to*? Apparently not to my blog (it's not in my uploaded photos folder), not to facebook (not in any of my albums), a search on my computer for the keywords that I might have saved it under give me nothing--it's a puzzlement! Ack! Time to go look on some of the older CD-ROMS with photos. See what you've done?

  4. Well you sure had the legs for it!

    Hope you managed to get some sleep last night... I'm having visions of you searching the whole night through ;-)

  5. Spent over 2 hours on the search and then web searches to discover that the Mac Finder search is badly flawed. And also eventually found the photo by manually opening every folder since about 1997 and visually scanning the files. And reported a bug to Apple.