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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Agility Comin' Right Up!

SUMMARY: Weekend plans
So here it is again--another 3-weekend gap between trials, gone! And what have I done to improve my game? Uhhhh... attended the judging clinic? Hmm, nope, that won't likely help me on the field. Maybe hurt when I start watching the judge to see how they're moving around the course instead of watching my dog.

In the yard, mostly I've been taking the time off from agility. Gone for a few walks, but not many long ones. Have gone to class every week, but sharing one class between two dogs usually means that each gets only 3 or 4 runs a night if things go well. That's really not enough to make a big difference over time, although it might point out weaknesses that I need to go home and work on alone.

Whichhhhhhh brings me back to, so, what have I been doing?

This week I decided to just do a lot of full-out running, either in big circles or big easy arcs. Even Tika was starting to look back at me recently, so I just want both dogs to be thinking Go Forward Fast. Particularly Boost. If I can just get her to run fast in the yard with almost no checking in with me, I think that'll help on the competition field. It seems to have helped before.

So that's my story, and I'm sticking with it.

Also: I usually check whether we have any titles in sight. Not much coming up; if Tika gets either Steeplechase or Grand Prix, it'll be her Performance Tournament Silver--halfway to Performance Platinum in just a year and a half. (Took her 7 years to get her Championship Platinum.) And that's it--we've cleaned up all the round numbers on both dogs recently, so there will be a lull in titles even if we're perfect every run.

Mostly I want to get Jumpers Qs and SuperQs with Boost, same thing we want EVERY weekend, Brain!

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