a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Off To Do Agility

Friday, March 20, 2009

Off To Do Agility

SUMMARY: CPE this weekend in Santa Rosa

It's a 2-hour drive and there are supposed to be thundershowers. Unusual for California. This venue is under cover, so there are only 2 rings.

Boost is still on hiatus; I signed Tika up to jump 20" instead of 24", which means she'll be competing against about 8 dogs directly instead of 0 or 1. We'll have to be on our best form.

And what have we practiced? Nuthin'. Did a few contacts to remind her how to do them well--but she always does them fast with a good 2on/2off here at home. Did a few jumps. Did some odd sorts of sends and remote handling for gambling.

That's pretty much it. Haven't taken her to a Chiro after she was sore 2 weeks ago. Haven't done anything worth mentioning. (So I'm mentioning it.)

Only 4 classes each day. Hopefully we'll be done early both days.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.