a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Ellen's Computer is So Down

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ellen's Computer is So Down

SUMMARY: Ellen is beside herself. (A neat trick.)

I don't know what its problem is. Started doing a couple of odd things earlier this week. Called my company's expert; not familiar with symptoms and suggested updated virus check, which I ran for 2 days(!) to cover all my files. Not sure that it actually got through all 1.8 million files; a vague recollection that it said it had quit checking or the equivalent when it posted a note that it had found a virus. But that was in 2 zip files one really old that I probably didn't even need any more. And one named something like bugfix39392.zip that I have no idea what it was--problem with Norton antivirus is that it moves infected files to a "quarantine" and doesn't tell you where they came from.

My mac repair guy I don't think works weekends.

I have this emergency backup ancient laptop, but none of my files are on here. Hmmm--most are on an external drive, so in theory I could move them over here. But (a) this system doesn't run most of the latest software, and (b) if it is a virus rather than a total crapout of, say, the memory or the processor, then I don't think that I want to connect it...

I hate this!

Anyway--the computer did come upu long enough to suck down all my incoming email since about 9 last night, but not long enough for me to read it or see what it was. I hope nothing critical went through--