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Monday, March 30, 2009


SUMMARY: Taxes, earthquake, agility dangers, necks, bugs, computers...

  • There was a 4.3 earthquake not far from here this morning. Wasn't home so don't know whether dogs noticed. But my guess is not. One quick shake and then a little rolling; nothing too disturbing.
  • I finally spent the time to get my papers together for the tax guy. I noticed once again that no agility-related or dog-related expenses seem to be tax deductible. Maybe if I were an agility instructor? Or an agility lecturer?
  • An agility friend and her dog collided this weekend at an agility trial, she fell and hit her head and was knocked unconscious. Scary. Spent the night in the hospital; she doesn't remember a thing about the incident.
  • What are those horrid sort of round bugs that are smaller than the head of a pin that have been infesting my kitchen cupboards now for probably a year? I think they came in in a batch of dog biscuits that weren't sealed up. Maybe 6 months ago, I emptied all the cupboards, threw out several things that had been infested, and put everything else in ziplock bags. But they've beeen increasing with a vengeance. Yesterday I went through the process again. Found 6 things in plastic bags that were infested; two I couldn't tell whether there was an opening in the bags--maybe they were infested when I put them in the bags. The others--they had eaten right through the bags! Another scary thing. Had to toss two supposedly sealed new dog treat things again that they somehow got through the bags.
  • Yet another agility friend apparently has a little cattledog with the same neck issues that Tika has. Apparently vet said it's from all the shaking of toys. Boost still shakes things like a 7.6 earthquake when we're tugging, but Tika doesn't much shake things any more (just pulls). Maybe that's because of her neck? The friend says no more shaking toys for her dog. How do you stop it? Argh.
  • I still haven't blogged my info from last weekend's trial. Tika did pretty good. But I took a few photos and I've been busy and now my computer's down, so I can't do anything with them. SOMEday I'll talk about last weekend. I took good notes!


  1. You've got bugs, I've got mice. Lovely eh. www.whatsthatbug.com might help in the identification department, if you're not put off by browsing through tons of insect closeups.

    Tax time, augh. Thanks for the reminder though.

  2. Ive had those bugs before too. They do love the dog biscuts. I had to put all cereal and dog biscuts in plastic containers for a while. Diana

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  4. Radiofence--Stop *#@& spamming my blog! I've asked you twice via email. I've now reported you to Blogger. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. How is Tika? I think there is a page somewhere in your vast internet domain updating inquiring minds, but I can't find it.

  6. I know, I haven't posted all week. Haven't been in the mood. Just put up an update, though; thanks for checking in on us.

  7. I just found bugs in my pantry and the worse box was the dog biscuits. They are very small and look like black dots but some looked like mini ants. How can i get rid of them?

  8. Emily--Good question. Here's what I've done: Empty EVERYTHING out of ALL my cabinets and examine each for infestation or even teeny tiny holes about the size of the tip of a sharpened pencil lead. Threw all that out. Thoroughly vacuumed and wiped down every nook and cranny in every cabinet. Put everything with flour or grain of any kind in it (e.g., biscuits) into sturdy zip-lock bags or tupperware. It's a friggin' lot of work but I have no desire to use pesticides in my kitchen (or anywhere in my house, for that matter). Good luck!