a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Hiking With or Without Dogs

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hiking With or Without Dogs

SUMMARY: Brisk Sierra Club hike along lower Stevens Creek.

Last night I hiked a brisk 4 miles with the Sierra Club Wednesday night group. I'm always looking for broad expanses of grass that we could commandeer for agility trials, and our starting location--through Whisman Park--had lots of grass...but not exactly suitable for agility, unless you wanted to try some EXtreme Agility (think EXtreme Croquet).

Left my beasts at home because the latter part of the hike was into Shoreline, which doesn't allow them even on leashes. But another hiker showed up with his dog, a Border Collie Maybe named Kelly, so we ended up doing some creative detouring.

Which allowed us to go by this very active dog park nestled away in the corner near the Bay.

Saw lots of flowers; spring is here for sure!

More photos and narrative here.


  1. I used to take Sparky to that dog park. I could kick tennis balls from one end to the other for her to chase till her tongue was long. Then she'd lap her face full of water at the fountain on the way out.

    The pretty pink flowers are Ribes sanguineum -- Pink Flowering Currant. (I have one out back in a similar condition.)

  2. Note to self: Make sure noone with a camera is within shooting range before bending over.

  3. Heh. Ooops. That was an unintended consequence. The hiking group was hustling along; I looked for a group of dogs together, snapped a shot, and still had to jog to catch up. I wasn't even looking at the people!