a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: World Cynosports Info Available

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

World Cynosports Info Available

SUMMARY: Woo hoo, running orders and teammates and everything are available here!

They sent a final confirmation with a real, live, confirmed replacement 3rd for Tika's team. Someone had posted a comment in response to my earlier blog about losing our 3rd to say that they thought Darlene Woz and her dog might be entered as draws, but although I know who she is and have talked to her briefly at trials, I wasn't sure that she'd know me and I didn't have contact info anyway, so I let it go. But guess whom USDAA matched us with! Yup. It's cool to know that it's someone I'll recognize and whom I like, as much as I've seen of her (as a judge). Now if I can only get in touch with her before 11:00 tomorrow morning, I could still order her a matching tie-dye shirt if she wants one.

So if anyone knows how to contact her, let her know I'm looking...

I'd forgotten, with a year's break, how insane my walking and running schedules will be at Scottsdale with dogs of 2 different heights. Looks like this (Corrected 10/23 7:15a.m.):

10:00 set-up open
1:30-3:30 check in
5:30-9:00ish awards dinner
7:30-7:40 Ring 5 Walk Jumpers (Boost)
8:00-8:10 Ring 2 Walk Jumpers (Tika)
8:30-8:40 Ring 3 Walk Snooker (Boost)
9:00-9:10 Main Ring Walk Steeplechase Quarters (Tika)
9:15-9:25 Ring 1 Walk Snooker (Tika)
9:30-10:25 Ring 5 Run Jumpers (Boost)
11:35-12:40 Ring 2 Run Jumpers (Tika)
1:40-2:30 Ring 3 Run Snooker (Boost)
3:00-3:50 Main Ring Run Steeplechase Quarters (Tika)
4:00- Ring 1 Run Snooker (Tika)
7:30-7:40 Ring 5 Walk Steeplechase Semis (TBD Tika)
7:45-7:55 Ring 3 Walk Standard (Tika)
8:00-8:10 Ring 2 Walk GP Quarters (Boost)
9:15-9:25 Ring 4 Walk Standard (Boost)
9:30-10:15 Ring 5 Run Steeplechase Semis (TBD Tika)
10:20-11:15 Ring 3 Run Standard (Tika)
11:30-12:30 Ring 2 Run GP Quarters (Boost)
4:20- Ring 4 Run Standard (Boost)
6:30 Main Ring PNS Finals (watch)
7:30-7:40 Ring 4 Walk Gamblers (Boost)
8:00-8:10 Ring 5 Walk GP Semis (TBD Boost)
9:00-9:10 Ring 2 Walk GP Semis (Tika)
9:15-9:25 Ring 3 Walk Gamblers (Tika)
9:30-10:19 Ring 4 Run Gamblers (Boost)
12:45-1:18 Ring 5 Run GP Semis (TBD Boost)
1:30-2:55 Ring 2 Run GP Semis (Tika)
2:58- Ring 3 Run Gamblers (Tika)
6:30 Main Ring Steeplechase & PSJ finals (watch)
7:00-7:10 Ring 2 Walk Europ. Jumpers (Boost)
7:15-7:25 Ring 2 Walk Europ. Jumpers (Tika)
8:00-9:05 Ring 2 Run Eur. Jmpers (Boost & Tika)
UNLESS in team finals, then
8:00-8:10 Ring 5 Walk Europ. jumpers
8:00- Ring 5 Run Europ. jumpers
10:00-10:30 Main Ring Walk Team finals (TBD)
10:45 Main Ring PVP/Relay Finals (TBD/watch)
2:00 Main Ring Veterans Showcase, Grand Prix finals

I also said I'd love to do some reporting for USDAA--along with my reporting for Taj MuttHall and The Bay Team AND shooting tons of photos. I'm going to need a week to relax from my week in Scottsdale! But I am SO looking forward to it now.

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  1. Yeah! You have a teammate! That's great. You are getting so excited, love it. I'm glad you're going to report some if you can while you are there. Would love to hear/read all about it. I'm going to blog what I find out online and through emails. Can't wait and I'm not even going to be there!