a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Tiring Out the Dogs

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tiring Out the Dogs

SUMMARY: Longggggg walk.

I try to walk a mile or so with the dogs every day. Really the last couple of years it's been more like 3-4 times a week (and sometimes other days without the dogs, like the 5-7 milers Wednesday evenings with the Sierra Club group).

Since I got back from Montreal, the dogs have been pestering pestering PESTERING me for more activity. I walked 2 miles with them Sunday, a mile and a half Monday, none Tuesday. Played and practiced pretty hard for about 15-20 minutes each in the yard daily, with some extra random fetch here and there. But they had a whole week of minimal activity backed up in their systems and I needed to get it out somehow.

Last night, the Wednesday hike wound through the walkways, paths, and streets of Palo Alto and Stanford University, and dogs are legal. So I took the merle girls for the first time. According to my pedometer, we walked just under 8 miles, briskly, over about 2 and a half hours.

I haven't heard a thing from either dog all morning. It's 11:00 already. Not a peep, not a "here's a toy," not a "let's DO something", nothing! SOUNDLY snoozing dogs.

I only hope they can work in class this evening.

Good workout for them. Should do more often.


  1. Ok, I'm laughing out loud. Literally. I've done the same with my Sheltie Katie, when she makes me nuts by wanting so much attention. When I have the time, I give her all the attention she asks for and then some, out at a park or in the back yard. She sleeps in the next morning so I can too. Lately, I've even resorted to taking her for a car ride (!) to settle her down when she's wound up. Just like a toddler I guess! Such fun!

  2. My dogs love going for a ride, too, although I think it's mostly in anticipation of doing something at the other end--they're usually in their crates and can't see anything outside. It does seem to take a little of the edge off, but not much.