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Monday, October 20, 2008

Last Week's Results Table

SUMMARY: Fun with database exports so revisiting Oct 11/12 Haute Dawgs USDAA results.

OK, I've set up my database to export everything the way I want it for here and then I just have to do a little hand editing of the comments, so what the hey, here's the table from LAST weekend's USDAA.

(top 10)
1st plc
min pts
our faultsnote
SatBoostSteeplechasen34th of 4747.6929.8637.20sec10.49serp, wvs
SatBoostMas Gamblersn21st of 4724+027+2521+25pts
Nice opening, gmbl bar
SatBoostMas Jumpersn

37secErunouts refs bars
SatBoostMas Snookern25th of 4014+924+2737pts
handling, wvs
SatBoostMas Standardn? of 39

secErunouts refs wvs table
SunBoostGrand Prixn20th of 3645.7638.0950sec20runouts refs bars
SunBoostMas Gamblersn37th of 4233+045+2021+20pts
nice opening, gmbl bar
SunBoostMas Jumpersn35th of 4030.0125.1440sec10nice, bar & leadout pivot
SunBoostMas RelayQ11th of 2638.9237.8757sec5bar, fast smooth
SunBoostMas Standardn? of 34

secEAlmost perfect
SatTikaSteeplechasen? of 1833.50
secEAfr, serp
SatTikaMas GamblersQ5th of 1717+2526+2521+25pts
SatTikaMas Jumpersn8th of 1528.2924.1237sec
SatTikaMas Snookern10th of 1715+5+37pts
bar, forgot course
SatTikaMas Standardn8th of 1743.3436.147sec5contact
SunTikaGrand PrixQ2nd of 1543.2135.8450sec
Only 2 Qed
SunTikaMas GamblersQ5th of 1540+2045+2021+20pts
SunTikaMas Jumpersn11th of 1429.0824.3940sec5smooth, bar
SunTikaMas RelayQ17th of 2652.1737.8757sec
SunTikaMas Standardn? of 16

secEdogwalk, forgot course

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