a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Tie Dye Rules the Nose

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tie Dye Rules the Nose

SUMMARY: Now I can clear my sinuses in style.

I'm one of those people who always carries a hankie, because my nose always runs. (Sometimes faster than I do with my dogs. But not faster than my dogs. Usually.)

Anyway, I'm also one of those people who hates white. I mean, it just gets dirty. Well, OK, everything just gets dirty with dogs, but with white, you can tell that it's dirty about 30 seconds after you get it out of the drawer, especially (but not exclusively) with dogs in the household. So, for me, no white hankies (or sheets, or towels, or undergarments, or shirts, pants, shoes, tablecloths, walls, or nuthin'--I mean, NO WHITE! The only reason I own bleach--and sometimes I don't, for years on end--is because sometimes I have to kill something).

Hankies are a problem, because for some reason everyone assumes that the fabric upon which you exhale your sinusoidal byproducts (good word, must use more often) should be white. No one asked me, or I could have demonstrated why white's a bad idea. Anyhoo--I've had a huge stack of lightly flowered white hankies for years--they were gifts, and although I'm not particularly a pastel-flower type of person, either, they were much much better than all-white. However, now they're all wearing out, and I need replacements. I can't even find little pastel-flowered ones in mass quantity.

I tried tie-dyed men's hankies in the past but they are wayyyyy huge. That seems to be the only size that the ubiquitous tie-dyers at all the Art and Wine shows sell--perhaps they think that (a) only men blow their noses? (b) only men would dare to use nonwhite hankies? Well, I just don't blow my nose THAT much, plus I have little dainty ladylike pockets in my jeans. (No one asked me about that, either.)

Fortunately (and this is where dogs come in), through dog agility, I met the fabulous Wendy who does fabulous tie dye for many folks in the agility community, and when I sent her a package of brand-new white dainty ladylike hankies, this is what I just got back in the mail. Every one is like a little artwork all on its own! I particularly like the one in the lower right; makes me feel like I'm on the Millennium Falcon, blasting my sinuses into hyperspace.

Blowing my nose will never have been so much fun!


  1. Wow! I bet you'll never lose those suckers! I particularily like the blueish one!

  2. Is tie dye a universal dog agility Thing (perhaps for the reasons you have described), or is it just in the Bay Area where there is a little Haight in the Summer of '67 still ingrained in everyone?

  3. Huh, good question. Dave Grubel was wearing an awesome tie-dyed t-shirt this last weekend that he got as a judge's gift in Iowa or someplace like that. (I can't remember which state is which if it's west of PA or east of CO.) So did they give it to him because they like tie dye, too, or because they thought he liked tie dye?

    Seems to me I've heard comments from non-CAians about "what is it with this tie dye thing?"

    On the other hand, the best t-shirt offered on Clean Run is tie dye--Wait! Nooooo! It's gone from their store! Auuughhhh! Now I will never own a Run Fast Run Clean Run Groovy t-shirt! Auuuuughhh!


  4. LoL... i hate white too... that's y i settled for a black mutt...haha

  5. Oh, good point. If I had a white dog, I'd have to have white clothes to hide the dog hair. Or doesn't it work like that?


  6. Those are not only groovy, they're beautiful, too. Can I commission a shirt?

  7. I’ve seen a few people wearing tie dye at trials but it’s not a big thing here.

    Have you ever considered a Neti Pot or other type of sinus rinse to help with the drainage? I use a rubber bulb meant for rinsing out your ears and it really does help.

  8. Commissioning a shirt--
    First, bonus links:
    Previous wendy shirt

    Two previous wendy shirts

    Another previous wendy shirt

    Back side of "run fast run clean run groovy" shirt (NOT a wendy shirt)

    Next--You can always ask Wendy, but it is a hobby for her rather than a full-time business, so she always reserves the right to say "no". I usually just tell her general colors that I like (or don't) and if I have a particular theme or need, but let her decide on details, and I never complain, so I make a good customer :-). Email me at elf (at) finchester (dot) org and I'll give you her email address.

    Sinuses: Yeah, one allergist recommended a nasal rinse once or twice a day. My reaction was that it always reminded me of awful swimming pool lessons where I felt like I was drowning half the time. I'm not sure whether it helped, either, but at least I'm used to having a drippy nose and I hated the feeling of water up my nose, so I stopped after a couple of months.