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Friday, March 28, 2008

I've Got the Weave Pole Blue(Merle)s/Mountains

SUMMARY: Boost's weaves are broken again!

Doesn't anything ever stay fixed? After last weekend, I expected (for some inane reason) that they'd be good in class again. We warmed up while she was really fresh and excited, doing several angles of approach. She bounced off pole #3 a couple of times making the turn, but held on and finished them.

In class, however, she bounced off that pole a couple more times and then stopped bothering to make the turn between 2 and 3 and just went from 1/2 to 3/4. Or the alternative was to go in at 2/3 and weave correctly from there. Creative problem-solving, I guess, although why she was comfortable doing exactly the same weave pattern but one pole further in remains a dog-brainulous mystery to me. I had her down to starting about 5 feet straight into the poles and she still was skipping.

After class, we practiced some really slow easy entries and she must have missed another 3 in a row. Just where I was vowing that, one more, I'd take all except the 1st 3 poles out, she started getting them.

But today in the yard, wham, she's bouncing off pole #3 and then starting to skip again. I wonder what she has changed in her approach or her stride that all of a sudden she's not correctly making that adjustment to comfortable slide through the weaves?

Back to basics. Thank goodness we've got almost 2 weeks before the Giant Haute TRACS 4-day 4-ring all-tournaments all-classes mondo trial. Maybe I can fix them. And fix the not-going-on problem. And...

Meanwhile, I AM VERY excited; we're going up to the mountains (Truckee area) with agility friends to their cabin this weekend. A fun weekend with dogs off leash and no agility! Maybe even snow! None of my dogs, despite my vows to the contrary, have ever been in snow. I'm taking my camera--hope to get lots of photos.

Until next week: Happy dogginess!

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