a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: There Is Nothing Like A Frame

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There Is Nothing Like A Frame

SUMMARY: Today's song lyrics

Update March 19: See end of post!
Sometimes I wander around the house singing to myself and to my dogs. This is what came out this morning (from the famous musical, South Pacific Dog Agility):

Apparently not doing 2-on/2-off today.
Photo by Sarah Hitzeman

Teddy the Beagle demonstrates the viewing potential of an elevated structure.
We miss contacts on our teeter,
We miss contacts on our 'walk,
We got weavepoles that are iffy,
We got bars that we can knock,
We got rules that can confuse us
In the tricky Snooker game.
What is the worst?
The darn A Frame!

We get runouts and refusals,
We get broken start-line stays,
We get lost on Jumpers courses
That are set up like a maze,
We get caught in chutes and tires,
Visit judges for a spell.
What is the worst?
You know darn well!

There is nothin' you can fly off so wide from...
There is nothin' else you can't really hide from...

There is nothin' like A Frame,
Nothin' in the ring,
There is nothin' you can blame
That is anything like A Frame!

[verses omitted to get to the grand finale--]

There are no flyoffs like A Frame,
And no creeping like A Frame.
You can perch on A Frame
And look around from A Frame,
Run around an A Frame,
Bail right off an A Frame.
There ain't a thing that's wrong with any obstacle
That can't be worse when you have to pull
To a big wide, steep-sided, slatted, faultable Frame!

NOTE: If anyone can successfully fill in the missing dadadas with an appropriate line, I'll add it here with credit! Update March 19: Thanks, Wishy the Writer, for this suggestion: We get caught in chutes and tires, Visit judges for a spell. (Read lyrics to original "There is Nothing Like a Dame." Oh, cool, YouTube has the scene with the song from the movie, so you can see and hear the original, too! Don't they look like a bunch of handlers walking a course? Sure they do!)


  1. how 'bout...

    "We get caught in chutes and tires
    And by judges like a spell.."

    or something like that?

    I was thinking of dogs getting caught in chutes and caught up by tires (and in this case pronouncing tires almost as two syllables... tie-ers) and then I was thinking of dogs that get stymied or "caught" by noticing the judge "all of a sudden" on the course and barking at them or something..

    I dunno...

    I should get back to work!

    Thanks for the diversion! Cute song!

  2. Oh that's good! Just a tweak and I'll add it.

    I'll still take other suggestions for changes or alternate or additional verses. :-)

  3. Great lyrics! However, I'll refrain from singing that particular song around my dogs in case they should pick up any ideas...