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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Phone, Conditioning, This Weekend, Teams

SUMMARY: Phone is out, getting in shape for Grand Canyon, CPE this weekend, do I have my DAM teams straight yet?

Phone not working

It's a sign of the times that I didn't even know it until a friend emailed me, saying, "Why aren't you answering your phone? WHY?" But, now that I know, I'm so stressed about being cut off from the world. I don't know why--everyone important has my email. I think. Although they won't know why I'm not answering my phone. The phone company won't connect me to a live person and so now I have an appointment "between now (11 a.m.) and 7 p.m." I wasn't able to tell them that I'm leaving here at 6:45 for agility class. The dogs tried to help me debug the problem, but to no avail.

Conditioning for Grand Canyon

I think I'm still on with my Santa Cruz Mtns friend for our hike down to Havasu Falls in May. I'm really trying to get serious about dropping those 10 pounds I somehow found in the last month. Why why why? Could it have been something to do with how many hours I've been working? Hate it. But have been struggling to keep sugary stuff out of the house. Helps some--instead I tend to eat too many pretzels and dried apricots, but probably better than ice cream with hard shell.

AND I've been trying to walk at least a mile every day, although some days I miss, so try for 2 the next.

Last evening went for a brisk, maybe 4-mile hike with a Sierra Club Group along the beginnings of the Stevens Creek Trail out into Shoreline Park, where we could see the back side of Moffet Field and its blimp hangars. Lots of shrubs blooming, native (like the brilliantly yellow-flowering Fremontodendron) and not. But it was getting darkish, I had only my cheapie snapshot camera, and every time I paused to turn the camera on and take a shot, I fell about 2 miles behind. So mostly snapped photos at a couple of our "regrouping" stops. And it was such a lovely time of day to be taking photos, such great light! And a beautiful sunset! And a full moon! But a crappy camera. Oh, well.

Why the dogs couldn't come.There were about 18 people, seemed like a lot to me for a weekday evening, but they said this is normal. Sometimes some bring their dogs, but not this time.

Also, I've been doing a couple dozen climbs up & down my stairs every day. I'm trying to work up to several dozen over the next 6 weeks.

My knee is holding up well. It's all my other muscles that are out of shape!

This Weekend CPE

This weekend is a local CPE trial in Sunnyvale. Boost will make another attempt to finish her last Level 3 leg (Colors). Tika will attempt to keep her bars up and get all her contacts. At least, that's what they've promised me that they'll be working on.

Teams Teams Teams

Here's the current working list. It could change at any time.
Haute TRACS:
* Boost/Bette/?? (name TBD)
* Tika/Kye/Delilah (Choose Your Color)

NAF June:
* Boost/Bette/Brenn (The Three Bs?)
* Tika/Tack/Savanna (?)

Bay Team July:
* Boost/Bette/Trek (Sisters on a Trek)
* Tika/Brenn/Savanna (Borderin' on K-Aus, but need to decide after Haute TRACS)

Bay Team September:
* Tika/Brenn/Savanna (Borderin' on K-Aus)
* Boost...haven't really discussed


  1. I'm jealous of your Grand Canyon trip. I've only been once and it was on the way to Nationals and my knee was still a little gimpy from surgery so we didn't hike far.

    Make sure you do some hiking on hills for training. Maybe some squats & lunges too, anything to strengthen the quads. You use different muscles on hills than you do on the flat.

    Good luck this weekend.

  2. Yup, I'm worried about the hills; that's why I'm doing my stairs every day. The sierra singles wed night hikes are all about 3-4 miles, sounds like, and usually have more strenuous ups & downs. So that'll be good if my work load allows it. Plus I have several nonagility weekends between now and then; I'm hoping I can do more, longer, hikes with my traveling friend, my sister & spouse, my newly cameraed friend, and anyone else in the vicinity.