a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: No Decision Yet

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

No Decision Yet

I haven't decided about the puppy! I'm so swamped with stuff to do (seems to be my permanent state of affairs any more) and I'm sort of hoping that the decision will make itself somehow. Like--someone else will take the puppy before I make up my mind. Or I'll wake up one morning and realize that I HAVE TO HAVE THAT PUPPY RIGHT NOW. Or who knows. I haven't even thought about it much since the first day after seeing the litter, when I went through all kinds of what-ifs and what-am-I-willing-to-sacrifices.

I'll definitely want another dog soon. But I think in fact I'm more excited about the idea of finding yet another rescue with tremendous potential than I am about "selling out" and getting a border collie. Although I've liked Border Collies for many years, since way before I'd ever heard of agility. AND this would be a *blue merle* BC, which is I think the only kind I'd take. AND I really like the mom (as an agility dog, anyway) and the Dad's pretty good, too.

But am I willing to give up several agility weekends to cover the cost? ...That's a tough one, since I'm already giving up several agility weekends to (a) meet my budget and (b) have more time at home--when I really want to be doing agility. Such inner turmoil! Where will it end! (?)

Sigh. Who knows.

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