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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dog Cancer (sadly) Redux

Backfill: April 18 Waiting at home is an email from another friend from my Wednesday night class (in which the Corgi I mentioned a few days ago was diagnosed with cancer). Her dog--also a Pembroke--suddenly lost energy and appetite and she took him in for tests. Sure enough, he has cancer in his prostate that has spread to his lungs. Apparently this type of cancer doesn't respond to chemo, but it might respond to basic antiinflammatories, at least for a while. He's been among the top 12" dogs in the country from time to time, and has been running just beautifully in class, belying his age (11, perhaps?--well, a spring chicken compared to Jake's 13 1/2). This week is getting depressing.

I really need to get another dog in training soon.

The more I see of this little blue merle BC, the more I like her. I shouldn't have gone and looked before I knew the asking price. Now I'll be disappointed if I can't get her, but I just don't see how I can do it.

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