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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I Think It's Going To Be a Girl

Looks like I'm going to go pick myself up a border collie tomorrow morning.

Let's just say I negotiated a long-term debt.

The only problem is--I've been willing to consider a puppy because, after all, I work at home virtually always and would be here to manage & train & deal with a puppy. And then--after I made the offer last weekend and have been waiting with bated breath, my company sent me email late last night (like 10:30 or so) sending me on an interview for an interesting-sounding job--full time onsite in Foster City! Just about the first time in 10 years (11 years?) at ESI that I'll have had to work onsite. And certainly the first time I'll have had to commute 40 minutes each way (if I can avoid traffic) on top of working full time.

Of course I have to get through the interview tomorrow, first.

What a big crappy mess. I never thought I'd say this, but--I hope it's a short gig if I get it.


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