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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Dog Cancer

It just never ends. There are so many dogs with cancer. I get email on a fairly regular basis from people whose dogs are diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and who thereafter find Remington's pages with all the details of his illness.

Another friend's Aussie was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma a couple of months ago. I haven't heard lately how it's going or what the prognosis is.

Another friend's Pembroke Welsh Corgi, who is nine, has been on-again, off-again in agility for a while, then developed a limp; in the process of trying to figure out what the limp was, the friend (also "Ellen") had a thorough exam done including internal scans and discovered nodules on the spleen, which they removed and sent out for testing. The news is now even worse; it indeed looks like it's cancerous. I'm hoping that perhaps there's something they've missed or, if indeed cancer, it's nonmalignant, or if malignant, then slow-growing and/or treatable... You can also read Cali's Health Diary.

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