a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: I hate when this happens--

Friday, January 17, 2003

I hate when this happens--

Rem not feeling goodThe new roomie has taken Rem for nice long walks the last 2 days. I figured this is good because he loves walks and it's not intense activity. This evening I just got home and he's all hunched over and moving really slowly, tail and head down. Roomie says she let him dig a really big hole over in the gopher field today, and he certainly has dried mud caked real hard under his toenails. She says he was fine when they got home.

So--is he sore from trying to dig to China? Or did trying to dig to china break something loose and the tumor's bleeding again? How and when do I decide to take him back over to be checked out? And of COURSE it's friday evening, so anything from now til monday a.m. will be emergency room, with emergency-room extra-high fees.

Meanwhile, vet called and left a message that his blood count is fine and go ahead and start this week's cytoxan doses.

Jake damaged Meanwhile, Jake's head is really sensitive. He's been following Rem around growling and stalking all the time again. I've been correcting him & putting him in a down stay on the other side of the room, but he goes back at it eventually. So Wed. late afternoon I was sitting at my desk, and all of a sudden there was a dogfight behind me where Rem usually lies. So I figure Jake was over there growling & stalking and Rem decided it was too much and landed on him.

So Jake ended up with two bloody punctures on his forehead. But I had noticed he's been yelping at slight touches in odd places all around his head even before that (yesterday & today he'smuch worse). So now I'm trying to figure out whether there's something else going on there, maybe another wound that I didn't see that got infected? Can't find anything. Ears look & smell OK. Dang dang dang.

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