a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Assorted Good News

Friday, January 03, 2003

Assorted Good News

Remington's chest looked clear of fluids this morning after the vet did a "quick ultrasound." He's definitely snoozier & more tired today, though. I'm hoping it's just because he's been to the park 2x this week and not because there's slow leakage that isn't yet detectable.

Tika's blood tests came back all normal; this is good, since I've been thinking about the dog with kidney failure from a bladder infection gone rogue.

Another big yella Remington! While I was at the vet's yesterday, a lady escorted her big yella dog into the vet's office. "In, Rem," she said. I said, "wow, he looks a lot like *my* dog, Rem--that's Remington." She said that her dog's name is Remington, too. But he's full lab (and a really good-sized one, too). I've heard of other dogs name Remington, but never actually met one, and the resemblance to a lab seems pretty indicative of his partial ancestry.

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