a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Clarifying Remington's Status

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Clarifying Remington's Status

I think from folks' responses that I made Remington's state sound much worse than it appears. Medically, the news is as bad as I said. However, he himself doesn't seem to be too concerned about it. He's acting like a subdued dog but not like a really sick dog.

He's eating, he's pleased about going for walks (but in a quieter manner), he does tricks for goodies (but conserving energy), he jumps up and barks at things (was that a noise or something? or not?). Sometimes he plays a little bit, just not as often, or for as long, or with as much energy. (Which was never a lot anyway.) He's generally a happy boy, not acting as though he's on his last legs like I might have made it sound.

He probably won't be doing agility, unless he decides he wants to--he always wanted to before, but right now he doesn't want to do more than hop over a few low jumps, and likes to do a couple of slow contacts for goodies. He just doesn't want me to waste my time on those *other* annoying little twerpy dogs who insist on doing agility.

He got a good dose of adriamycin chemo this morning and maybe that'll help knock back the tumor a little bit for a brief while--or not.

He's had it with the vets' office, though; friday, mon, tue, & today every day I've dropped him off & left him for an hour or more, and today he told the vets constantly, apparently, that he'd had enough and was ready to go home and not come back. He has been SUCH a good boy about going in there--still wags his tail, says hi to everyone, never put up a fuss before. He's so popular over there (or is that pupular?). Poor baby. I'll try very hard not to leave him there again without me.

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