a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: I Can Tell He's Feeling Good

Thursday, January 09, 2003

I Can Tell He's Feeling Good

For months, I've thought Rem was kinda slowing down & getting old, or the new house & yard just weren't interesting enough for him after the previous house, or he was still depressed about moving twice in a year. Maybe could have been any of those things, too. But I'm thinking a lot of it might have been this disease.

Since he recovered from his Xmas mess, he's doing all kinds of things that he used to do but hasn't in a very long time--jumping up & following me around the house when I'm doing stuff instead of staying on his bed; howling at sirens (not saying everything he does is *good*), picking up toys & asking me to play, going out into the yard in search of squirrels instead of just looking out the window or just lying there when the other dogs go, spending time in front of the living room window watching the world go by.

Lots of little things.

We went to agility class last night. I jumped him at 16" and he was slowing down a bit in places by the end of class, which is more typical, but mostly he was fast and happy and delighted to be there doing something interesting.

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