a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Photo #P1010003

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Photo #P1010003

SUMMARY: A rousing round of randomness

So, here's the thing. Ya take a lot of photos, the camera numbers them for you, but the camera has only a certain number of digits, say, up to 9999, so eventually, after 9999 photos, it rolls back around to 0001 again. But some cameras have wayyyyyy many more digits.

Sometimes, when I search for a certain photo number, the variety of photos that appear intrigues me.  So, just because-- here are my photos numbered P1010003.

(It's a single collage this time instead of each file individually. See the text below the collage.)

I've done this before:
These are random, hence quality is, too.

Left to right from the top:

  1. April 2008: Haute Dawgs' USDAA agility trial at Dixon. Friends with his and hers Segways let us all try them. Learning curve, very fast on a wide-open lawn, and oh so cool!
    We had fun fun fun till our buddies took the Segway away.
    Third day of a 4-day trial. I did not sign up for the fourth; that is too too too much agility. Thirty runs over just 3 days. Tika completed her ADCH-Bronze. (This is a Big Thing.)
  2. Feb 2008: Sun sets on another agility weekend. Heading home from VAST's Turlock USDAA trial. Another 18 runs between the 2 dogs over 2 days. Plus walkthroughs of probably 10 minutes each. Lots of pottying and warming up and cooling down and volunteering. Tired, always tired physically.
    Driving west into the sunset. Better than driving west into the blinding sun above the horizon, an all-too familiar nemesis.
  3. Feb 2007: Commuting to work in essentially stopped traffic. Inch, stop. Inch, stop. How often have I been in this exact traffic jam?! Some  places are just bottlenecks. --we have lots of them. But the fog on the coastal mountains is a nice backdrop.
  4. Feb 2017: Restaurant dessert at the family's dinner (about 15 of us) after Mom's (and Dads') Memorial. The Executor held the keys to the Estate pocket book. Seemed like this would be a good use of funds, so no holds barred. Emotions must be tended to.
     -- The Executor.
  5. Nov 2009: Stevens Creek Reservoir (not "Steven's").  Water level is low-ish, not surprising after the long dry summer months. Rain might have started in Sept but more likely Oct.
    Short hike up the hill to Picchetti Ranch Reserve for the view with a former work colleague friend.
  6. Aug 2009: Wearing a glow bracelet in my car. Why? Where is this? Why did I have one at all?  These photos are with photos from a late afternoon hike in the hills with the dogs at Santa Teresa Park. Which makes no sense. This appears to be one of the folders in which for some reason dates and times are hosed. And/or photo numbers. Or they were hosed in the camera and I didn't notice.  The *numbering* would fit there, but I can find no info anywhere on glow bracelets in the car, clearly at night. Not in my blog or my other photos.  Sadly this might remain a mystery.
  7. June 2009: Used to take the dogs with me when I'd drop the car off for maintenance, then we'd go for a long walk instead of waiting in the facility's inevitably stark waiting room. This time they weren't done with the oil change when we got back, so we waited in the waiting room together. No idea whether they minded. Didn't care. Was hot outside, nowhere to sit, and the car wasn't ready. And the Merle Girls were well-behaved.
  8. May 2008: Hiking with the Wednesday Sierra [Club] Singles. After work, all year round. This day, to the top of Black Mountain in the Monte Bello Open Space Preserve.
    We'd meet after work, drive 20-30-minute drive up from the Valley nearly to Skyline Rd. (twisty turny winding road up about 2000 feet). We'd have to be out of the parking lot by half hour after sunset.

    So we'd have to hustle to the top of Black Mountain from the parking lot, admire the view briefly, maybe have time for a snack if we were lucky, and hustle back down. No time to sit and relax! About 3 miles one way, gaining 800 feet (and 3 miles/800 feet back down again), but many sections are exhaustingly steep. So there's the crew, there's the view, how do you do!
    OK, it's not a view, just us and the mountaintop and clouds. Trust me, views are lovely.
    Back when I could do that kind of hike.

    Because I'm nice, here's the actual view that day of the south Bay Area and mountains to the east. (In the other direction are ridges of forest and clouds and, on a good day, a view of the Pacific.)
Why so many photos with the same number within those 2 years and none after? Something odd happened. As you can tell from the number of digits, it should've kept going up. And, in fact, at some point it did, because here in 2020Land, that camera is at P1130988.


  1. This is really fun. And interesting. And, of course, just a trifle weird. I have all my photos in different files based on topic so I don't know how I'd ever find any of a specific number. Well, that's not true, I could look inside each folder. Hmmm...seems like a lot of work. How did YOU do this?

    1. All of my photo subfolders are under a single Photos folder. So, like:
      Photos > 2020-July > 200719-MartialCottleWalkZorroSunrise
      (My numbering can be confusing: Individual folders are YYMMDD.)
      (And files, I leave them as numbered by the cameras and just add a description, e.g., IMG_0916BlueHeronBirdFly.HEIC (.HEIC are files from my iphone)

      So, in the Finder, I can just go to the Photos folder and search across all the subfolders at one time for all files with P1010003 in the name. Or heron in the name. Or anything that I've added to the filenames.

      Are you on a mac? If so, I can give a couple more tips. If you're on a Windows system, um, once upon a time I figured out how to do that but don't recall now.

    2. No I'm a windows person. I'll poke around and see what I figure out. Maybe. :)

    3. I won't hold you to it. :-)

  2. I recall windows being much slower to search than MacOS, but as I said it has been a while. Just found this: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4026289/windows-10-find-your-documents#:~:text=Search%20File%20Explorer%3A%20Open%20File,only%20for%20files%20stored%20there.

  3. Er -- try https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4026289/windows-10-find-your-documents