a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Photo #2119

Friday, October 28, 2016

Photo #2119

SUMMARY: A rousing round of randomness

So, here's the thing. Ya take a lot of photos, the camera numbers them for you, but the camera has only a certain number of digits, say, up to 9999, so then it rolls back around to 0001 again.

It's sometimes fun to pick a random photo number and see whatz Iz gotz. For no reason other than that I was looking at one of the IMG_2119 shots, here dey be.  (No guarantee on quality, just--this is what's in my files, so this is what ya get.)

2015 - Disneyland Big Thunder Ranch BBQ, an institution and favorite--that is now no more.

2016 - Lumination at Gilroy Gardens, fantastical Chinese figures of silk and glass and porcelain

2013 - Halloween at Great America, Santa Clara

2012 - Felton Covered Bridge

2014 - Fossa at Happy Hollow Zoo, San Jose

2016 - Abby's Antler, showing to her Human Mom (my seester), Milpitas

2012 - Disneyland Splash Mountain - Seester and her husby, soaking head to foot

2016 - Dog agility walkthrough, Thorsen Arena, Morgan Hill, with "cutout" filter applied

2008 - Shoreline and cypress, Monterey

Why the huge gaps between years? Apparently other 2119s didn't make the cut and are gone for good. So sorry, Other 2119s!

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