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Sunday, November 17, 2019

What Breed is Chip?

SUMMARY: I have no idea.

His previous family didn't know, either. They guessed maybe a Whippet mix.  He doesn't look very Whippety to me -- although he is lightweight for his height and has a fairly deep chest.  Maybe crossed with a German Shepherd? Or a Yellow Lab?

For fun, I used the power of the WWW to bring me photos of dogs claiming to be such mixes.  And it was fun to see!

See all the Whippet/Shepherd photo results.  None seem to have erect ears like Chip's.

But this is the most interesting of them: Oh my goodness!  This could be Remington for sure! And maybe Chip...

Here's my actual Remington.

See all the Whippet/Retriever photo results. Again, none seem to have erect ears (which one would expect here, since neither of those breeds have them).  A few similarities, but nothing that leaps out at me.

Maybe he's a Carolina Yellow Dog (photo from Wikimedia Commons):

Someone I met in agility many years ago, who was from the south, asked whether Remington was a Black-Mouth Cur -- I was pretty sure he wasn't.

For Chip, am I going to try DNA testing for fun? Pretty expensive fun, and not necessarily accurate. But it could be cool to see what one of the services comes up with.  Always wanted to do it for Tika, but when it came time to hand over the credit card, I never could justify it: She was what she was and I was satisfied with my guess of Husky/Aussie. And if I were to get started, I'd want to keep going: As in, what breed is Zorro really?

Amber was the only mix whose parents I actually knew in real life: German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. But so many breeds can combine into giving a Big Yellow Dog (aka Finchester Yellow). It's all a guessing game no matter what method one uses.

Just an idle Sunday morning yellow diversion.

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