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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Florida Day 1

SUMMARY: Travel from CA
Backfill: Nov 17

See the post of the days preceding the trip, with a trip summary.


...Up at 5 AM, dress, grab carry-on bag and jump into house/dogsitter Sis#4's car to Sis#2's house, then she takes Sis#2, me, and Sis#2's good friend who's from Australia (call her Mallory, because that's her Facebook handle) the 45 minutes to the San Francisco airport. We've all done Disneyland together a couple of times, and it's fun. After automated check-in, we have plenty of time to get healthyish snacks at the airport shops and snack bars near our gate.

In SFO. Golden Gate Bridge plus Halloween spiderweb.

In the air again...  

Flying the friendly skies from SFO

We fly to Orlando.

Although I keep nodding off momentarily, I've never been able to sleep except in a window seat where I have a corner for my head. No, those little neck pillows (demonstrated by Mr Fox No.12) don't help much.
Free snacks are Stroopwafel (tasty cookie) or pretzels. I have water as my free drink; already had caffeine at SFO.
I love flying in an exit row--plenty of room to stretch out legs onto my carryon beneath the seat in front of me.

I'm on the aisle seat, so I can't really see the scenery most of the time... but sometimes.  Flight is uneventful.

San Francisco is not sliding off into the Pacific; plane is rising steeply.

Hello, Rocky Mountains!

Look--now we're in Florida! (Green and water and clouds and stuff.)

Arrive in Orlando around dinnertime. Plan was for bro-in-law #2 to drive back to the airport in the rental car to pick us up, but google traffic says traffic is a mess from his direction. So I request a Uber driver and he's there in 6 minutes. Trip to the hotel is less than half an hour; driver answers some of our questions about the parks, the traffic, and the hotels. (We've not stayed at the Swan before.)

We are here!! Yayyy!!!

We four have dinner in a cafe at the Disney Dolphin hotel (staying at its partner, the Disney Swan, the first night because ... reasons). And all are very tired, so not too late to bed. Mallory and I share a room.

 I try to eat healthy (love salmon! plus veggies!)

Walkway from the Dolphin to the Swan

Swan Hotel

Dolphin Hotel

Walkway from the Dolphin to the Swan at dusk -- lighting on the trees keeps changing!

Dolphin Hotel across the lagoon.
Nowwwww  ---- see tomorrow's post.

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