Monday, November 25, 2019

Rebuilding Holidays

SUMMARY: Thinking out loud around the hollow spots--

Holidays are a challenge because of the seismic shift after my parents died and we sold the house-- apparently not all of the family is enthused about everyone gathering together for fun and food and friendship among relatives. I, however, loved it. This will be the third Christmas since both Mom and Dad died, and no clear replacement for the family gatherings has appeared.

So, figuring out new traditions and activities instead: That's what one is supposed to do, right?

I used to get up early on Thanksgiving (sometimes Xmas!) and take the dogs into the hills for a good long hike, then go home & change & head to family's house. I'm pondering how I can do something like that with crappy knees and back! Even more adjustments...

And trying to decide whether I have the energy at the moment to do xmas decorating here at home and maybe even host whoever wants to get together--  (have been sick with a lingering cold the last 2 weeks, mostly better, but energy level still down).

I sound like I'm moaning and groaning about life. Well, that's the way I feel about the coming weeks, so there it is.  Trying to find ways to be upbeat and ready to make changes, though.


  1. We are doing nothing for Thanksgiving and I know I will be sad that day and wish I was with my family, but husband doesn't feel great and so we are not. Once again I wish we lived closer, because I am cooking some of the traditional things and you and your boys would be welcome for a meal. Maybe we can have a virtual Thanksgiving meal!

    1. Oh, Dawn, that's so nice! Am actually getting together with one sister and her husband. Another sister *might* come and *might* bring from 1 to 5 other people from her family/household. If a bunch of them show up, it could get pretty crazy in a fun way. I'm not baking, but ordered 2 pies from Marie Callender's on the off chance that a larger group shows up. If we were closer, I'd definitely visit--your cooking skills always make my mouth water. Sorry that husband doesn't feel great. The last 2 days are the first days in 2 weeks that I've felt like I had any energy from a dang cold. I wish him the best and of course we *know* that traditional Thanksgiving foods are good medicine. Happy Thanksgiving early.