a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: The Other Coast Disney

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Other Coast Disney

SUMMARY: Walt Disney World (WDW) and environs, Nov 1-9

There's always so much to say about these trips, and I took no notes at all while it was all going on, so some of it is a big colorful fun blur in my memory.  So I'm going to try to capture just a few things about the 9 days, for me, at least.

First, though, my seester is considerably more succinct in her Facebook post:
Now that the trip(s) are over.. sanity has returned and recovery is ongoing. Nov.1st. Flew to Florida. Nov 2 went to universal studios for a day to see Harry Potter stuff. Nov. 3-5 went to WDW, nov 6 did monorail resort hopping and drove out to see the Atlantic Ocean. Nov. 7-8 did More WDW. Flew home Nov. 9. Nov. 12th drove to Disneyland. Did Disneyland resort for 3 days, returning Friday the 15th.

To say that my feet hurt would be an understatement.. and I’m a bit tired..

Wednesday before the trip

Finished packing my big suitcase because that had to go early with my bro-in-law #2 who is going a day ahead of us to sign in for his Saturday and Sunday races (Friday and Saturday? See, I already forgot). Drove half an hour each way to drop off the suitcase at my seester's place (call her Sister #2). Excitement is high. Hoping I can sleep well the next couple of nights. At the last minute, I dash out to Target to buy a new 4 TB portable drive to use as backup for my photos while on the trip.

Thursday before the trip

Lots to do: My sister (call her Sister #4) has come up from Nevada to stay with the house and dogs, so I need to be sure that things are in reasonable order and that I've given her all the info that she needs. Plus making sure that all of my last-minute carry-on packing is done. Don't want to forget anything important, like the camera! Or the batteries!  Then early-ish to bed because...


Sis#2, I, and Sis#2's good friend from Australia (call her Mallory, because that's her Facebook handle) fly together from the San Francisco airport. We've all done Disneyland together a couple of times, and it's fun.

To Orlando.  Flight is uneventful.

Arrive around dinnertime. Take Uber to the Disney Swan hotel (haven't stayed there before), meet Bro-in-Law #2 for dinner. And all are very tired, so not too late to bed. Mallory and I share a room.

See a few details with photos.


Universal Florida Resort/Parks! None of us have been here before. We meet up with Sis #1 and Bro-in-law #1. Main goal is the new Harry Potter universe, split between two parks. . Ride a couple of rides. Eat and snack. Shop. Then to our hotel for the rest of our stay (Shades of Green), where Bro-in-law #2 has already checked us in and moved our luggage in. Great guy!

See a few details with photos.


who knows about more details or photos. Jeez, have been at it for hours. So many photos! So little time!







Up very early. To Orlando airport in plenty of time for breakfast at Ruby Tuesday's. Home again, jiggity-jog. Exhausted but not successfully sleeping on the plane again, and the window-seat occupants keep the windows closed, so no views. That's OK, though. It's peaceful.  At home, I unpack only a couple of things that I need and call it a night.


How is it possible that, to unpack, I have to take one or two things to each of a thousand different places in my house and car?!  Took a lot of time, but glad to get it done and everything stowed away to await another exciting adventure.


Woke up with a cold. Children! Airplanes! Not enough sleep! Excitement, adrenaline, blah blah! Ah, well, it was worth it--and I'm on hiatus from work, so plenty of time to rest!


  1. Sounds fun. And exhausting. Did you like the Harry Potter stuff?

    1. Harry Potter stuff was pretty cool. We didn't spend a full day there, but should have, as I felt like we barely scratched the surface! So many shops, food, things going on. Doesn't have many rides, so some of our time was going back and forth to do this or that.