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Monday, August 29, 2011

Stats From The Weekend

SUMMARY: An assortment of numbers and points.
This might not be very useful because I hardly ever do it, but it is worthwhile to me because it shows how very few issues Boost had this weekend.


Qty DoneIssues/ NumbersNotes
Weaves101oddball pop in the very middle
Dogwalk60Still 2o/2o over side instead of end, though
Teeter53Came off middle 2x, left w/out going to bottom 1
Start-line stay110
Barslots3Pairs, gamble opening, Std--double on bad front X
Runout/ refusal- 92 in Sat jumpers, 2 in Sun jumpers not "legal" ref's so didn't count, 1 relay so still Qed, 1 snooker closing, 1 gmbl closing, 2 GP
Other faults1Offcourse in Sat's jumpers after already 2 runouts, handler issue
Q-able Runs10 (out of 11)4 QsPairs, Std, Jump, Stplchase
Steeplechase Rd 26th seed$182nd place!
Top Ten placements9 possible2Stplch 2nd, jumpers 3rd
Titles1 possible0


Qty DoneIssues/ NumbersNotes
Teeter51Inexplicable abandon in gmbl
Start-line stay110
Barslots 1Snooker 1st red
Runout/ refusal - 0
Other faults1backjumped snooker red#2
Q-able Runs108 Qsmissed snooker, one gamblers
Steeplechase Rd 23rd seed$92nd place
Top Ten placements9 possible7Stplch 2nd, GP 1st, Std 2nd & 3rd, jumpers 2nd & 2nd, gamblers 2nd, (also pairs 3rd)
Titles2 possible1PF Jumpers Ch Silver


  • Stops itching: Check
  • Drinks more: Check
  • Pees more: Check
  • More restless: Check
  • Stops dropping bars and starts going ahead to jumps instead of turning back: ...huh?! (She'll still be on pred for this coming weekend's 3-day Regional. Will be interesting to see how that looks. And then will be interesting to see what happens when it's all done with.)

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