a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Enough With Data and Statistics

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Enough With Data and Statistics

SUMMARY: There were, gasp, other super people and dogs at the trial, too!
Here are some of the smart people, Wings' and Team Small Dogs' persons; I'm sure they're strategizing their super Steeplechase runs:

The person belonging to Kidd and Boss, listening carefully at the briefing in case anyone wants to buy super fund-raising salmon treats.

The Turlockians, aka VASTards, also my super teammates for next weekend's Team event at the regionals (Brenn, Quik, and Quas ("kass")). They always smile when they see my camera, which is too cool.

Gustavo of Team Small Dog gets ready to keep his brain together for a really fast run where his tail flies out behind him and he looks like he's having the most super time of his life. Also Belle the super tiny min pin sneaks her person into the photo, too.

Jeepers, "Me run *now*! Me super run now!"

Our secretary-of-all-trials goddess and super secretary-at-this-trial share secret incantations about computerized scoring.

Sparkle's person and Gwynyth's [not actually shown] person are having a super time.

Heath and Beadle's person has some of the most super tie-dye shirts in the known universe.

At the score table, there are some other super things that are almost as colorful.

Super vendors supply a vibrant array of dog gear.

Honey thinks it's super that someone might have treats.

Tika thinks it's not so super that no one is offering to let her do frisbee or even eat at this particular moment.

Someone is super hungry.

Stetson's super elevated humanoid transport device gives him the best view of everything.

We had best be super careful around this visitor.

Boost's mom, Tala, is Tika's age (10 and a half) and yet had some super runs at 22" championship, winning and placing left and right.

Boost's Uncle Greg has done a super job of training and handling Tala.

Denny has a super difficult time holding still long enough for the camera to focus, but finally manages it.

And here is Clark Kent the rescue Pom and his human.