a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Fun Rain Facts and Sorry Kate Elliott's Books

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun Rain Facts and Sorry Kate Elliott's Books

SUMMARY: An interesting first storm of the season, plus fun facts to know and share!

Fun fact: The Taj MuttHall-owned portions of San Jose got 3.5" of water in the last 24 hours! When the whole entire last rain year it got 11.5"!

Fun fact: 3.5" of rain in 24 hours can add the long-forgotten water jump obstacle feature to one's local agility field!

Fun fact: If you give a border collie a rawhide bone because you can't do agility so you want to keep her occupied for a while, she will spend 3 minutes out in the rain burying it somewhere in the yard!

Fun fact: And then come inside and look at you in a bored and reproachful way!

Fun fact: Tika can look bored and reproachful, too!

Fun fact: If you like sleeping with the windows open, and a big rainstorm is coming, and you leave them open only an inch or so because what could happen, there's a screen in the window to keep the rain out, right?, then you can learn some fun facts about the permeability of window screens! (Photo post-closing of window, showing permeable window screens.)

Fun fact: Curtains hanging 6" from windows in such situations get sopping sopping wet!

Fun fact: Because Taj MuttHall Human Mom is not as quick-witted as Team Small Dog Person Member when disaster strikes, TMH never gets photos of things like large pools of water on windowsills and nice oak bookcases! Which are now nice oak bookcases with wet spots! The camera never comes out until the worst of the disaster is already cleaned up! So too bad for you blog readers who wanted to see actual puddles of water on furniture!  Go look at TSD to see cupcake batter on the floor instead!

Fun fact: Wallpaper, being attached with water-soluble paste, can easily be separated from the wall simply by becoming moist! 

Fun fact: To absorb some of that annoying permeating water, you can leave one's down comforter on a chair with its back to the window even as much as 18" away!

Fun fact: Books, particularly those made of paper, tend to absorb water, but only if you leave them under an open window!

Even covers of books! (Sorry, books of Kate Elliott.)

Fun fact: Sometimes you can get giant air bubbles behind wallpaper! Especially if it somehow becomes moistened and thereby detached from the wall!

Fun related fact: You can unobtrusively remove air bubbles from wallpaper by pricking with a pin!

Fun related fact: Vinyl wallpaper, especially when made of actual vinyl, holds water!

Fun very related fact: If you prick a giant air bubble in vinyl wallpaper that has recently been somewhere in the vicinity of an open window and a large rainstorm, be prepared for the fact that all the air inside the bubble is actually water and will ooze all over the place for half an hour!

Fun fact: When it rains a lot, the street gutters fill with water! And it doesn't get charged to your water bill!

Fun fact: Grocery shopping in the rain is not so much keen fun! For anyone!


  1. Augh, what a mess! Sounds like quite the precipitation event. Hope your wallpaper, books, curtains, furniture, and dogs are well on their way to drying out.

    One of my longtime friends moved to San Diego a few years ago. I thought she was trying to pull my leg when she told me it rains only a few days a year. Still seems unbelievable to me, even though I know it's true...

  2. Well, San Diego definitely gets less rain than San Jose, but even we don't get much. Still--we're talking about amazing microclimates. In the coastal range behind us (maybe 10 miles as the crow flies) some places got 12" in the same time I got 4" and my friend 5 miles north towards the bay got maybe 3".

    Normally most of california west of the sierras and south of maybe Eureka don't get much rain at all from Mayish until Octoberish. "A few days a year" is possibly a bit of an exaggeration and/or the effect of the drought we've been having. But, yeah, San Jose is really in a semidesert climate and San Diego in a near-desert climate.

    Gotta gag at all the vast lush green lawns everywhere.

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