a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Easy Come, Easy $180 Go

Friday, October 30, 2009

Easy Come, Easy $180 Go

SUMMARY: Boost's toenail = vet visit.
Boost ran fine in class last night with vet wrap around her toenail, but when I unwrapped it, it was bleeding again. Wrapped it for play this morning, and again it was bleeding.

I looked more closely at it. The broken part that I didn't want to cut off because it's below the skin line is basically pinching the quick and continuing to injure it. So--off to the vet we go.

Vet won't cut into the skin without sedating the dog. I guess that makes sense, but it's very expensive: sedation and 3 hours under observation afterward. Plus they want her on antibiotics because the injured skin will be making contact with the ground. He said she will be fine for agility in the morning, but not this afternoon. So no bar-knocking drills today, either.

She's at the vet now. I picked a vet closer to home because today is very busy with work and packing for the weekend, and I didn't want to drive the half hour to our regular vet. I have to go pick her up at 4:00. I cry when I have to leave my dog at the vet, I'm such a wimp.

I'm a bit weepy, too, when I have to spend $180 for one broken toenail.

At least it's not raining.


  1. At least it's not raining.

    As in,
    "Could be worse."
    "Could be raining."

    So, you'll be paying more attention to dewclaws?

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking that's a good idea. Except I have a vague recollection that this might have happened with Jake once, and apparently the lesson didn't sink in long enough.

  3. Hey I cry too when leaving an animal at the vet's. I could never raise children -- oh the stress of it all!

    Could we trade? Boost's $180 toe owie for my cat's upcoming $1000 tooth-cleaning? (well, teeth-cleaning -- for that kind of money they'd better clean more than one!)

    I'm sure the merle girl is feeling better after the work the vet did. Have a great weekend with your pups!

  4. Thanks. Yeah, she wants to go right out and play ball in the yard but the vet said not tonight. I wonder whether chewing on sticks is better, since that's what she's opted to do instead.

  5. Ah well...have fun, and good luck this weekend! Hope EVERYONE is healthy and happy and you all have really good runs!

  6. Ah well...have a great weekend, great runs, lots of fun and good company!