a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Ex Pertinacia Victoria (We Can Only Hope)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ex Pertinacia Victoria (We Can Only Hope)

SUMMARY: (Translation: From persistence comes success.) Well, can't say I'm not persistent.

  • Attempts at USDAA Masters Standard Qs: 41. Earned: 1 (we had been retraining contacts when he succumbed to cancer)
  • Attempts at NADAC Elite Gamblers with no Qs: 23. 
  • After that: Earned 10 of the next 25 to complete his NATCH.
  • Attempts at Gamblers Qs after moving up to Masters: 10 with no Qs.
  • Then earned 4 of the next 8.
  • Attempts for the 5th Q after those 4: 10 with no Qs.
  • After that: Earned the 5th Q to complete his ADCH. Earned another 7 in Performance.
  • Out of first 17 NADAC Elite gamblers attempts: one Q.
  • Eventually: Earned 29 Elite Gamblers Qs before retirement.
  • Attempts at a clean Jumpers run in USDAA Novice before her first Q: 12.
  • Attempts at a clean Masters Jumpers run before her first Q: 13.
  • Out of her first 42 Jumpers runs in NADAC, CPE, and USDAA combined: 3 Qs.
  • Eventually: Just earned her 25th Masters Jumpers Q to complete her ADCH-Silver.
  • Attempts at Masters Jumpers Qs: 34. Earned: 0. And counting.
  • Attempts at Masters Snooker Super-Qs: 32. Earned: 0 super-Qs, 4 plain Qs. And counting.
  • After that: Hope springs eternal--

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