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Monday, October 26, 2009

Compare and Contrast: Two Videos

SUMMARY: Team Standard Videos from Labor Day Regional
An agility friend just posted videos of us from the Team Standard--Thanks, Mary!

Here's the course map to follow along:

I almost lost Tika while nursing her down the dogwalk so she wouldn't fly off--and she nearly flipped into the tunnel alongside. Can't quite tell in the video what I did to cause that, but she pulled off it OK and kept going, for a clean run. (Tika and her teammate finished with a 2nd place out of 36 Performance teams at this Regional.)

Boost starts out looking OK but about halfway through we start to lose it, with a spin and some hesitation and the bars start coming down. Still, she didn't E (which is crucial in Team). Just her dumb handler started celebrating before clearing the last bar, bringing down one more. AND that teeter exit was pretty iffy, Boost!


  1. on the video you can just make out that you raised your left arm just while she was coming off the dogwalk- that could have caused her to think to flip to the tunnel?

    boost is a very intense dog- super focused on her job. great contacts (except the teeter :o) )

  2. On Tika's video, yep, I keep looking at that. I try to never "flip" my dog away from me with body motion; in that situation I'd try to either step into her or use "left" with no body movement. But I might not be as consistent as I think I am. :-) I *think* it looks there like I'm moving forward, but appparently doesn't look like that to her.

    Usually BOost has great teeters and has sometimes been iffy on the others. Funny to have it the other way round. I remember thinking at the time that it was very odd.

  3. Fun to watch for a non-agility person...looked like Boost was looking back at you over her shoulder when she knocked that last bar.

  4. That's exactly what she was doing, good eye! In fact, that's the cause of a lot of her knocked bars. We've been doing exercises specifically to get her thinking about looking forward when going over jumps no matter what I'm doing.

  5. Both runs looked good. Nice weaves on both dogs, good contacts (well, Boost got a little carried away with her teeter :-). I think Boosteroo might benefit from some Linda Mecklenburg jumping exercises. They teach the dog that there's value to keeping the bars up--in a purely positive way. She looks like she's just in a hurry to be the best Boost she can be :-)

    Good job!

  6. Yep, we have a slew of jumping exercises including Linda's. I do notice a difference when I spend a lot of time on them. When I don't, it quickly reverts.

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