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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Poll: Digital Photography at Agility Trials

SUMMARY: Curious what other people think about digital photographers who server dog agility events.

So I've created this poll. (And/or you can read my earlier post on this topic.)

How do you feel about buying dog event photos from a pro who posts many dozens or hundreds of photos online?
Love it; don't mind the cost or the time.
Like looking at the photos but it's often too expensive.
Don't like spending the time but don't mind the cost.
Don't like spending the time and it's often too expensive.
Never look because it takes too much time.
Never look because it's usually too expensive.
I'm not interested in photos of my dogs.
Never look for some other reason.
Usually look but just not interested in buying.

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  1. I think you need the option "I never get the option, since we have no such photographer". It's hard to symphathize much since in Oregon we don't even normally have a photographer at all.

    - Heather and All

  2. I like all the photographers a lot. Maybe don't buy many photos because I have small walls at home, but in the old days, they took photos on Saturdays and you bought them on Sundays. And if you only go to trials on Sundays, never, ever got any photos. So had to just imagine what the dogs looked like. And then maybe draw a picture later.

  3. Huh, didn't think about the option where there aren't any photographers. That will have to be a different poll, as I apparently can't modify my poll once I've created it (using this particular tool).

    Obviously from these 2 responses I needed some kind of options along those lines.