a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Boost Almost Does Standard

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Boost Almost Does Standard

SUMMARY: Video of one of Boost's better runs.

An agility video service (Agility In Motion) for whom I did a really tiny favor at the November USDAA trial actually videotaped one of Boost's Masters Standard runs and sent it to me. Here's what I wrote about the run in my private notes: "Very nice--nice table, nice cntcts. Turned wrong way after rear X and missed wv entry on a bad pull (meant to front X but chickened out) but going ahead @end and no ref/rnout."

And if you want to watch a fun archival video of theirs of me and Jake doing a Masters Jumpers course in April 2003, go here.


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  2. his was a lovely run. The failed RC was because she had landed when you started your RC and had to change leads to turn left. The weavepoles looked to me like you took 1 too many steps toward the tire.

    Are you running better these days? You knee looks like it is lagging.

  3. How wonderful it must be to watch these videos, especially of Jake. Nice to know you can watch him whenever you want!

  4. Amy, you're right about the weaves; as I said, I had planned to front cross between the tire & weaves and chickened out, so that was all my fault. My knee feels pretty good, but when I watch me running, I always think it looks like someone running with sore legs, kind of flat-footed. Might just be me!

    Rear Xs are a problem with us. The knocked bar was a rear X, too, and you can see that she turns her head the wrong way. But if I cross earlier, I get into the refusal dance. I just keep working on them--