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Friday, December 05, 2008

The Agility Blob That Ate the Universe

SUMMARY: Compare and contrast 1996 to 2008.

(Thanks, awesome Karey K who is at least as fanatical as I am about saving cool but barely useful informational historical artifacts and who compiled the original calendars!)
My first trial was in January 1996. I did 6 trials that year.

I never did, and still don't, do AKC, which are shown here grayed out. I'm not currently driving more than about 2 hours for agility trials (except Scottsdale), so these "local" trials are in bold (including the AKCs) and everything farther away is nonbold. (Carson City is about 4 hours, so a lot of local people go to those trials, too; others are 5-6 hours.)

Compare and contrast to 2008's calendar. Hoooooly moley! (I'm doing only 17 trials this year. Gotta restrain myself somehow--)

Jan 6 - Jan 5/ 6 ElkGrove CPE
Jan 13 -Jan 12/13 (MLK) ElkGrove HauteDawgs NADAC,
San Diego USDAA
Jan 20-Jan 19/20 SantaRosa BorderTerrier AKC,
ElkGrove HauteDawgs CPE
Jan 27 San Martin Bay Team NADACJan 26/27 SantaRosa Bayteam USDAA
Feb 03 -Feb 2/ 3 Turlock VAST USDAA,
SantaRosa AKC,
ElkGrove CPE,
Milpitas DalClub Zink seminar
Feb 10 - Feb 9/10
Feb 17 (pres day) Pomona USDAAFeb 16/17(prez's) ElkGrove NADAC,
Madera NADAC
Feb 24 -Feb 23/24 ElkGrove CPE,
CityOfIndustry WVDS USDAA,
Madera NADAC
Mar 02 -Mar 1/ 2 Dixon MtDiableDTC AKC,
Fillmore ContactPt USDAA,
Madera NADAC
Mar 09 Fresno USDAAMar 8/ 9 Turlock VAST CPE,
?Fresno Sunmaid AKC,
Wilton NADAC
Mar 16 -Mar 15/16 Madera CAT USDAA,
Dixon VallejoDTC AKC,
ElkGrove NADAC,
Mar 23 -Mar 22/23 (easter) Sunnyvale Bayteam CPE,
Dixon SheltieClub AKC,
ElkGrove NADAC
Mar 30 -Mar 29/30 Hollister PASA ASCA,
Wilton NADAC
Apr 06 -Apr 5/ 6 Dixon DDTC AKC,
SantaRosa R2R NADAC
Apr 13 Nancy's agility funmatchApr 12/13 Dixon HautedawgsTRACS 4-day USDAA,
CarsonCity NADAC
Apr 20 -Apr 19/20 ?PP camp,
SantaRosa NADAC,
ElkGrove funmatch,
Apr 27 Santa Rosa NADACApr 26/27 Prunedale SMarT USDAA,
ElkGrove DOCNA
May 04 Davis AKC agilityMay 3/ 4 Sunnyvale Bayteam USDAA,
SantaRosa MensonaKC AKC,
CarsonCity R@R NADAC
May 11 Hayward Chris Zink seminarMay 10/11 CarsonCity QAC USDAA,
ElkGrove CPE
May 18 -May 17/18 ElkGrove CPE,
Hollister SCDTC AKC,
Hollister PASA ASCA,
May 25 (mem day)Dixon NADAC May 24/25 (mem) Dixon TRACS 4-day AKC,
Moorpark Happydog USDAA/mas,
ElkGrove NADAC
Jun 01 dixon terv AKC agility match,
border terrier AKC agility
May 31/ 1 Turlock NAF USDAA/team,
Salinas DelMonte AKC,
Madera CAT CPE
Jun 08 -Jun 7/ 8 PaloAlto TervClub AKC,
Dixon PowerPaws Camp,
CarsonCity R2R NADAC
Jun 15 -Jun 14/15 ScottsValley MBDTC AKC,
ElkGrove NADAC,
Reno AKC
Jun 22 -Jun 21/22 ElkGrove CorgiClub AKC,
CarsonCity ASCA
Jun 29 Hayward Sheltie AKC agility Jun 28/29 Portland CAT USDAA/GP+,
Dixon SheltieClub AKC
Jul 06 -Jul 5/ 6 Sunnyvale Bayteam USDAA/3day
Jul 13 Palo Alto Poodle AKC agility (su)Jul 12/13 Livermore Malamute AKC,
Eureka NADAC
Jul 20 -Jul 19/20 Petaluma Bayteam CPE,
Ferndale LostCoast AKC,
?CityofIndustry WVDS USDAA
Jul 27 Hayward Malmute AKC agility (sa/su),
Jul 26/27 CarsonCuty MDT-AA NADAC
Aug 03 -Aug 2/ 3 Hollister PASA ASCA,
ElkGrove CPE
Aug 10 -Aug 9/10 Petaluma CountyWide AKC,
Aug 17 Ventura West Valley USDAAAug 16/17 Dixon NapaDTC AKC,
Eureka CPE,
Carson City QAC CPE
Aug 24 Davis AKC agility Aug 23/24 Salinas SMarT USDAA
Aug 31 (labor day) Daly City Bay Team USDAAAug 30/31(labor) Prunedale Bayteam USDAA/GP+,
Sep 07 Bolton seminar,
Hayward Springer AKC agility (su)
Sep 6/ 7 Dixon DDTC AKC,
CarsonCity NADAC,
Turlock DeltaAussies ASCA,
Moorpark Happydog USDAA/mas
Sep 14 - Sep 13/14 Turlock VAST USDAA,
SanRaphael SirFrancisDrakeKC AKC,
Sep 21 -Sep 20/21 Woodland TRACS USDAA
Sep 28 Ventura West Valley NADACSep 27/28 Elkgrove WeimClub AKC
Oct 05 Woodside terv AKC agility trialOct 4/ 5 Elkgrove CPE
Oct 12 Xnadac nat'lsOct 11/12 Dixon Haute Dawgs USDAA,
Hollister PASA ASCA
CarsonCity AKC,
Moorpark Happydog USDAA/st/adv
Oct 19 Santa Rosa County-Wide AKC agilityOct 18/19 Madera CAT USDAA,
Pleasanton DelValle AKC,
ElkGrove DOCNA,
CarsonCity R2R NADAC
Oct 26 Fresno UDSAAOct 25/26 Turlock VAST CPE,
Placerville HangtownKC AKC,
Nov 02 carmel bayteam alpaca demo,
Sharon Nelson seminar
Nov 1/ 2 Madera FresnoDTC AKC,
Scottsdale USDAA Natls
Nov 09 Hayward Bay Team NADACNov 8/ 9 SantaRosa Bayteam CPE,
ElkGrove NADAC
Nov 16 Hayward dalmation agility demo (su)Nov 15/16 Turlock NAF USDAA,
SantaRosa GR AKC,
RanchoCucamunga DART USDAA
Nov 23 -Nov 22/23
Nov 30 (turkey day) -Nov 29/30 (turk) RanchoMurieta SheltieClub AKC,
Moorpark Happydog USDAA/mas,
ElkGrove CPE
Dec 07 -Dec 6/ 7 RanchoMurieta SacDTC AKC,
ElkGrove HauteDawgs NADAC
Dec 14 Fresno NADACDec 13/14 SantaRosa Bayteam USDAA/tourney
Dec 21 -Dec 20/21 (xmas)
Dec 28 -Dec 27/28 (newyrs) RanchoMurieta TRACS 4-day AKC

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