a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Autumn, Winter, Spring, and a Nice Brisk Walk

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Autumn, Winter, Spring, and a Nice Brisk Walk

SUMMARY: California's an odd place, season-wise, but we still love hiking the Guadalupe River Trail.

In how many place in the world can you have: A tree brilliant with autumn color, a snow-covered mountain in near-freezing temps, and daffodil stalks rising from the chilly soil? Fall, winter, spring, all together.

Dogs and I want for a 4-mile stroll along the Guadalupe River Trail this morning. Temps not over 50F, and a chilly nip in the air, but the sun and the birds were out.

For all of today's photos, go here; below, just a few choice doggy ones.

Along the trail, the dogs are eager to check out all the smells and yet want to keep moving; all these stops to snap photos are quite an infringement on their activity.

I'm including this one because I hardly ever get a shot of just how curly Boost's tail really is. Dang Border Collie tail is usually in its droopy working position.

Tika just loves being in the water. I hadn't realized it until we were at the beach this summer. Doesn't matter that it's below 50 and cold; she became mondo frisky after sneaking into the lake.

But her thick absorbent husky-like fur will take hours to dry. Does she care?

Amazing that one can point and say, "What's that over there?" and the dogs will look.

This tree's red berries stood out brilliantly among the more muted surroundings. No idea what the tree is. Even the dogs stop to admire it.

Meanwhile, this is about as decorated as the front of my house will get this year; Happy Holidays. Peace on earth.


  1. Hi guys! Oooh, that lake looks sooo good. I would jump in there straight away! Hope you had a fun hike.

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Looks like a great walk. Question...did Tika used to have a tail?

  3. I assume that she did have a tail at some point, but not since she was first turned over to the pound at about 3 months. I'm guessing that, if they were billing her as an Aussie and she had an Aussie mom (unknown for sure), that they'd have docked the tails when the puppies were born. Pity, huh? Wish the US was as progressive as most European countries on prohibiting docking and cropping for cosmetic purposes.