a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Weaving Maniacs

Friday, January 18, 2008

Weaving Maniacs

SUMMARY: Boost and Tika show off.

I had such fun making that tricks video the other day, here's another one for you: Boost and Tika demonstrate sending out past 12 poles and wrapping into the far entrance. (Only a minute and a half.)


  1. Wow. That is *very* cool. and inspiring!

    As much as I'm enjoying skijoring this winter, being inspired by stuff like that makes me dread the coming of spring less (before skijoring I was never disappointed by the arrival of spring!) and instead welcome the arrival of the agility training season. I will remind myself to watch this video again when the end of the skijoring season approaches. :-)

  2. Gee, thanks!

    Jim Basic says that one of the most important things to evaluate when deciding what to do and how is... the Cool Factor! (OK, he's kidding--mostly--) I love upping the Cool Factor quotient in practice, because it's fun for me, which makes it fun for the dogs, and it also makes it more likely that we'll be able to do more routine things more reliably in competition. (Or Cool things, too, as needed.)