a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Successes and Challenges

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Successes and Challenges

SUMMARY: Post-game analysis from this weekend.


  • Jumps taken: 52. Bars down: 0. Note: Big success!
  • Aframes taken: 3. Performance: didn't wait on any, nearly flew off one. Note: Need to fix somehow.
  • Dogwalks taken: 2. Performance: One slow, got a foot in but didn't stop; one fast & running but apparently didn't get a foot in (not flyoff though). Note: Fast is very good. Need consistency.
  • Weaves taken: 1. Performance: Reliable as always but seemed slow. Note: No action at this time.
  • Tables done: 1. Performance: Very slow. Note: Monitor in future.
  • Gambles attempted: 1. Performance: Like a champ on a challenging gamble.Note: Success; she worked to help me out on this one.


  • Jumps taken: 53. Bars down: 4. Refusals: 3? Note: Back to bar-knocking drills. Keep jumping her at 24"+ in class. Find ways to work on challenging jumps.
  • Aframes taken: 3. Performance: Nice, but left early once. Note: Corrected early one (down stay); Success on fast front cross after aframe and she stuck it.
  • Dogwalks taken: 2. Performance: Fast and solid Note: Success!
  • Weaves taken: 1. Performance: Just lovely Note: Success!
  • Tables done: 1. Performance: Fast and STAYED DOWN! Note: Success, although I stayed close and never took my eyes off her. Continue to monitor and try to proof in exciting situations.
  • Serpentines attempted: 2?. Performance: Good. Note: Big success!
  • Gambles attempted: 1. Performance: Did serp beautifully; came out of tunnel at me with no hint of "out".Note: Success on serps; really need to work on redirects out of a tunnel.


  • Runs: 10. Performance: Misjudged same pull-through wrap for both dogs. Note: Practice wrap/pull-throughs.
  • Attitude: Upbeat. Performance: Didn't stress out about ANY run, not even Snooker or the gamble that many people were missing even though it was a title I wanted. Note: Success! How did I achieve that inner calmness? Continue to monitor.


  1. "... Note: Success! How did I achieve that inner calmness? Continue to monitor."

    Hmmmmm, new, calm, focused handling. New, calm, sprouting Mr. Chia Head. Coincidence? Or....?

  2. Sounds like you had a good time!
    Maybe you should take Mr.Chia head with you....

  3. Unfortunately Mr. C. Head doesn't travel well--his hair starts to fall out.

    The really bad news is--Mr. C. Head has only a week left to live!