a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Got Call From the Vet and Tika's Fine

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Got Call From the Vet and Tika's Fine

SUMMARY: Lots to report.

Tika's awake and sitting up. One of the roots of the suspect tooth was "badly abscessed" but they were able to clean it out and don't think that I'll need to do any nursing care on it, just antibiotics and Rimadyl for pain & swelling.

Other damaged tooth looks fine at the moment. All her teeth looked pretty clean, although they found a couple little pockets of tartar to clean out.

She has about a 4" gash on her inner thigh (! I'm so observant--but she doesn't roll over all that often except on the bed, and then I'm lying down next to her) but it's not deep and they think it'll be fine; looks like it has been there for a few days. Who knows what she hit and when?!

Her ears look good. Her nails didn't need much trimming, but they topped them off anyway.

X-rays showed many interesting things. And they're a good baseline for later. Her neck looks fine (back to the suspicion that the most-recent complaint wasn't the left side of the neck but the tooth).

Her hips "aren't perfect." The right one has some pinhead-sized bone spurs that probably aren't affecting her now. The left hip is slightly shallow and could have some problems eventually (I think I remember that the on-site vet a year or two ago thought that her soreness was her left hip--if so, maybe it just popped a little out of place--luxated--and then popped back again and was fine. Jake's knee used to do this all the time as he got older).

She has some teeny bits of arthritis in her midback that also probably aren't bothering her now, but there is one disk space that's a bit narrow and has some calcification inside the spinal area--probably not normally a problem but just twisting the wrong way or hitting something the wrong way could give her a lot of (probably) brief pain. It actually sounds very much like my own problem back.

Vet wants me to come in next week to talk about all of this in more detail.

So--she's OK! And things are hunky dory. I'll go get her in about 3 hours.


  1. I'm so glad it seems like it was all "just her tooth" and that she came out of the anesthesia fine and that the extraction went well. I'm sure it was a very stressful couple of days for you. My mind always goes to the worst case scenarios too, but thankfully, all's well! Thanks for keeping your readers updated and TAKE GOOD CARE!

  2. Glad to hear that Tika is doing well. And it sounds like you took good advantage of having her "out" by taking those baseline rads.

  3. I looked at that gash they found on her leg, and it's really nasty, although the vet said it didn't go past more than the top couple of layers of skin. I went hunting out in the yard today to see what she could possibly have hurt herself on; found a couple of candidates and attempted to deal with them.


  4. Wow, you finally found out what was going on. So glad she's OK. And that you found out all that other stuff for baseline.

    I am a basket case sometimes too, but I always seem to do that part after...

    Johann broke that very tooth too..too many sticks and marrow bones his 'dentist' said. We haven't gotten it fixed but watch it carefully...

    There is a new anesthetic that they have used on Johann the past time or two - they give them something to 'reverse' it and say that it's safer. Johann had it last time for x-rays and he was absolutely his normal self about 40 minutes after being 'under'.

    I need to do more research and post about it.

  5. Oh, please do! We've had the discussion about safe/unsafe anesthesia within my club.