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Friday, January 25, 2008

Odd Dog-Related Things

SUMMARY: Rainbows and Chia Heads

The last several days have been just plain straight water-come-down-from-sky. Unusual for San Jose, where we often get the Camelot effect ("the rain may never all till after sundown; by 8 the morning fog must disappear"), or a big downpour and then clearing. It hasn't been downpouring; it's mostly been more than drizzling; a good pace for absorbing water into the ground, which is a Good Thing, but bad for doggie brains.

I now know why they called them bored-er collies. Someone has been getting into EVERYTHING and being quite a nuisance. But the yard is just too wet and muddy (and cold!, also unusual for rainy times) to go out into, and who wants to walk in this weather?

Instead--I'm growing a chia head! Yes, have always wanted to try one but never wanted to shell out the money for it. I stole this at our agility club's annual gift exchange; apparently everyone thought I was being nice to the guy I stole it from because who would REALLY want a chia head? Who knew that doing dog agility would lead directly into this fulfilling personal experience?

Three days to germination, it said; here we are at day 2. I can hardly wait!

So, meanwhile, what are we to do while waiting? Today I had a doctor's appointment, so I loaded the furballs into the van and, after the appointment, we went for a walk (yes, in the drizzly rainy stuff) all around the Kaiser campus. And just as we were returning to the parking lot, I looked up and saw this stunning reminder that life will not always be gray and dreary:

It was one of the most brilliant rainbows I've seen. I raced to the car, shoved in the sopping beasties, grabbed my cheapie camera (always carry one, always!), and raced backed to a good vantage point. Then I realized, hey, it's a DOUBLE!

Somehow managed to not take quite the right angles to be able to merge two snapshots into a smooth arc, but the whole thing looked something like this. It was already fading from my first glimpse of it, but note that the colors are reversed on the outer arc. (Click on the panorama to see a larger version.)


  1. Hello and thanks for visiting my blog!

    It is sort of Otterpop's but more mine. We are lucky Otterpop is a dog and not a human that could write something because she would likely be a unibomber so we don't even want to know what kind of blog she would have. It would be very, very bad in a manifesto sort of way, I am pretty sure.

    Thanks for good training ideas. I always figure my dogs are the only ones that come up with issues. I have seen you and your dogs at dog shows and they always have appeared to be perfectly trained and issue free!

  2. Yes, I saw that there are more photos of you than of the dogs. :-) But "Otterpop" is so much more fun to say than "Laura."

    Thanks for the compliment on my dogs--if you only knew!


  3. A double rainbow, I think that means double good luck, doesn't it? Guess it paid off yesterday!