a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Casey and Char

Friday, October 06, 2006

Casey and Char

SUMMARY: The ex-housemates visit

Casey and Char

My previous housemates, Casey and Char (whose name I never mentioned in the blog because, after all, it's about dogs, not people) came up from L.A. with her boyfriend to visit two weekends ago. Remember Casey? The Little Black Dog I wanted to do agility with until they hurriedly left town in the middle of the night one night? (OK, I made up that last part.) Casey pretty much ignored all my dogs--although he lived with Tika and Jake for 15 months and used to love playing with Tika, this time he had a quest: find every twig and shrub in the yard and mark them, because somehow in the year and a half during his absence they had ceased to carry his signature scent any more. The human contingent of us went out for a lovely breakfast while he carried out his mission. I must say that, when I went to the Guard-The-House-Goodie cabinet for the perquisite treats for my dogs before leaving, Casey expectantly lined right up with the rest of them like he'd never been gone.

Char sent me this self-portrait afterwards, and reports that Casey now also turns Left (reliably) and Right (not so reliably) on command, something they picked up from living in an agility household for so long. Such a clever little guy. He'd-a been a lovely agility beast. Such a clever dog-mom. She'd-a been a lovely agility handler.

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  1. I have know Missy Char and Casey for quite some time. When Char met my dog Buster (a very handsome liver spotted Dalmatian, who is now over 13 years old,) Char taught him how to sit, roll over, play dead and catch a BIG Stick, not necessarily in that order. And, that is not all...she also taught him how to bark in 7 or 8 different languages and after he had his pockets picked, how to wear a pair of Panty Hose!!!!!! He later traded the hose for a Jock strap because he thought the hosery was kinda of a drag.