a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: And Meanwhile, Back at the Knee

Sunday, October 29, 2006

And Meanwhile, Back at the Knee

SUMMARY: Could be better. Has been worse.

The knee really hasn't recovered from last weekend. It's still clearly swollen. It still hurts to go up and down stairs (before that weekend, I was actually trotting up & downstairs normally without thinking about it). Hurts at night when I'm sleeping. (Hadn't done that in several weeks.) Soooo in truth, last weekend's experiment was a success: I figured out what I could and couldn't do and determined what is likely to happen to it with 5 days in Scottsdale. I'm more prepared for what I'm likely to go through. I'm borrowing a bike to take with me to help me get around during nondog times and also am taking crutches--neither of which I'd been particularly planning on before last weekend. And my expectations are probably more realistic. On the other hand, I'm dreading the pain and inconvenience more.

However, I still want to go, and there's no good way to talk me out of it. So I'm hitting the road Tuesday morning about 6 a.m. (so much for a noncompetition day!) to head down to Salinas to pick up my rideshare, Diana, and her two dogs. We barely know each other, but she seems like she'll be a good person to get to know better, and what better of an opportunity than two 12-hour trips!

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