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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another Weekend of Rest

SUMMARY: Getting better but not there yet

I just got back from physical therapy, and my physical therapist said that, in her professional opinion, I shouldn't try competing this weekend. That's a huge improvement from the 2 weeks ago "You are NOT competing this weekend!" And she says that at the rate I'm going, 2 weeks from now should be fine.

But--sigh--she didn't think that even going for one day and a few runs was a good plan for this weekend. So I'm scratching my dogs again. Leaving me one chance for competition practice before the nationals. Not a lot. Not good. But better than none, I guess.

She said I'm making good progress and it's obvious that I'm diligent in my exercises. She gave me even more to do. I could spend my whole day doing exercises! Curses. But I can do several things I couldn't do a week ago, and today is better than even a few days ago. I was in and out of my car several times this morning, and not a twinge when I swung my leg around doing so. But when the PT put me on a trampoline and had me try bouncing with my knees slightly bent, it hurt just below the kneecap, so that was the main thing that really convinced her I shouldn't be out pounding the agility field for competition.

This week, as usual, I have class Wednesday night with tika and Thursday with Boost. I guess I will try little bits, since I've been trying even littler bits in my yard for the last 2-3 days with no obvious ill effects. (Last week I didn't go to Tika's class at all and did only those class exercises with Boost that I could do merely walking or standing.)

OK, I'm feeling a little better after my PT's assessment today--5 days since she last saw me. There's light at the end of the knee tunnel (???).

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