a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: Whoooooeeeee It's Actually Cool!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Whoooooeeeee It's Actually Cool!

SUMMARY: Overnight: Well below 70.

I've always been one to sleep with plenty of covers over me. It's a rare, exceedingly hot night when I sleep with only a sheet draped over part of me. So--for at least 6 nights running--I have slept with *nothing* over me at all. Hot.

Sometime during the early morning hours this morning, I half woke to the realization that I was getting cold. Pulled my duvet cover over me (2 sheets thick). Rewoke around sunrise curled in a ball feeling actually honest-to-goodness cold! Wahoooo! It's something akin to a miracle. Not only did it drop plenty below 70, it allowed me to get the whole house cooled significantly, so that the kitchen thermometer read 69 when I finally closed everything up today. (Compared to, oh, say, 78, 85, or 89 as it has read for so many days now first thing in the morning.) I'm a happy camper! At least, for the moment--

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