a Taj MuttHall Dog Diary: No Running and Hot

Saturday, July 22, 2006

No Running and Hot

SUMMARY: Scratched all my runs, left dogs at home, worked in the heat at the trial.

Wellllll, after I walked across the lawn (slowly) yesterday evening and managed to retorque my ankle to great complaints from the pain-processing parts of my anatomy, and after considering how hot and humid and miserable it's been, I scratched all my runs Friday night and left the dogs at home today to stew in a familiar surrounding instead of in their crates at the trial site.

I worked the score table all day, and it was hot and humid. Quite a few dogs had scratched by the end of the day, but how much was heat and how much that we weren't done until 6ish, hard to tell. Heard on the radio on the way home that San Jose set a record for the date of 102 today. What makes these temperatures worse is not only the unusual humidity (this *is* a semiarid region, fer cryin' out loud), but also that it's not cooling down much overnight, which is also exceedingly rare for this area. So, now, it's 9:45 in the evening and it's still around 90 outside. Argh.

I had my ankle wrapped all day today, but no elevation or ice at the trial. It didn't bother me much at all. Late in the day, I even sprinted 50 feet from the score table to where my camera was stashed when a bunch of people broke out in dance to "Low Rider" playing on the loudspeaker, and thought, "Hey! I could've been running!" But, as I stood there changing lenses on this "new" digital SLR that it looks like I'm buying from a friend who upgraded, those pain tendrils crept up the side of my leg and down around the side of the foot. So maybe not.

Hope it's better enough by next weekend when I'm supposed to go hiking, which I've been looking forward to like crazy (more without the dogs! Halleluia!) and then weeks and weeks and weeks of USDAA dog agility leading up to the nationals...

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