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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dogs 4 Rats 0

SUMMARY: Someone's hunting down those varmints in my yard.

Here's something I won't post a photo of--the ex-rats that I've been finding in my yard lately. They're small rats, really--roof rats--I'm wondering whether it's juveniles that they're catching. Definitely bigger than mice, though--but they're such a force hereabouts (too much nice landscaping to hide in and lots of fruit trees) that it's nice to see some of them removed without human intervention.

Yesterday there was one on the lawn; this morning there was one on the lawn. I don't know who the successful hunter is, but a couple of weeks ago on two separate days, Boost appeared carrying deceased rats. I traded some dog goodies for them and tried to tell her that she was an excellent girl. But I don't really know whether she did them in or someone else did and she just found them.

I have been told by some of my Border Collie-owning friends that BCs are good ratters.

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