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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tika's Fun To Run--But Those Jumpers--

I'm stealing text that I'm emailing to other people and then realizing I really want to say the same thing here. So:

Tika's favorite class has got to be Jumpers, usually, because she can really let go. Still, keeping all the bars up is a challenge for us. We had 19 Novice/Starters Jumpers runs before we got a clean one (5 were offcourses for Elimination, but the rest pretty much bars)--then got 2 in a row the same weekend to complete our AD; we had already moved up to Advanced in everything else. Then for some reason it took us only 2 Advanced jumpers runs to get that clean one to finish our AAD, then on to Masters--where we had another Qless run of 12 Jumpers runs before finally getting our MAD leg on the 13th. She actually got 2 in a row again this spring and I thought we were on a roll--but noooo-- Anyway, by the time we finally started getting those Novice & Advanced legs, the teamwork really had started to gel. And I always have just a blast running her. "Fun" is the word expecially when we get to actually run full out (not a twisty weirdy course, although she can have amazingly high Yards Per Second times even on those).

Last night in class we did revved up contact drills. They involved sending the dog out over a jump straight into a tunnel that made a 90-degree turn, then back towards you over 2 straight jumps, then pull either onto a contact or into a tunnel on the far side of the contact, in the latter case in which you then repeat the whole loop. So Tika got to really cut loose. Man, she was happy and fast! And didn't miss any of our obstacle discrimination calls, either. We both got a good workout on that set.

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